EUNOIA has a team of over 30 internationally recognised experts with first hand practical experience who have worked together on public sector reform initiatives around the world. The team is led by:

Neil McCallum

Neil has more than 30 years experience in capacity building, systems enhancement and change management in the public sector.  He has directed and delivered capacity building and organisational development projects in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East. An Associate Advisor to the British Council on combating corruption and improving information management since 1996, Neil is particularly interested in working with the Justice Sector Agencies and in the challenges of combating corruption and unethical behavior.

Tanya Karlebach

Tanya has a broad range of experience working as a public servant, for voluntary organisations and as an indepedent consultant.  She has designed and delivered professional standards, accountability and access to information projects in North America, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.  Her paticular focus is on information as a change mechanism and she has extensive experience working in the justice sector and with Civil Society Organisations engaged in human rights and transparency projects.